a special writing, for my special month.

ailsya avriel
3 min readApr 23, 2024

its always nice to write or just read any poems in April, because you seem like letting part of yourself drown into it, you breath from it, and you tend to live in there.

the lovers start to wandering…

the writers start to bleeding…

and the poets start to enthralling…

how astonishing it is to have a chance to read your dream books, write a special letter to the loved ones and sent it to them, receiving the love and warmth from the special ones, read any poems that waken up your mind n heart, get any flowers or just buy it for your own self. go out for a walk just for a cup of coffee or any kind of food that you crave, sipping the coffee while eye-watching around the place, seeing people in a hustle, create too many questions inside your head, but you’re not bother with that and still can feel how you really live the real life.

Ah april.. you finally being here again. no matter how the painfulness had brought in previous months, its always been so nice to live the life in this special month. April will always took the special place in my heart.. because i believe that April would bring so many joyful, blessings, cheerfulness, happiness, laughs and many more good things. this month is where not all of the flowers are bloom, but us too. we shall bloom into the better us..

this month is where the lovers also starts to bloom. sparks, affection, reassurances, and so on will build again like its their first time. i love to romanticize this month as it seems like the peak month of my life. it feels like when i saw the calendar starts to change into the 1st of April, then it makes me suddenly build a happy smile. for me, its such a lovely month. watching the birds fly when the sky nearly dusk. observing people around you. see the flowers starts to bloom. it feels like the tranquilty of urs starts to come in. i always wanted to live the life like i live in April. everything seems pretty and remarkable. every moments look like they deserved to be cherished.

i surely trust that this is not only the month where i was born. but, this is the month when everyone feeling like they’ve finally re-born with the new parts of themselves. they re-born with the new parts of em that they haven’t realize it before. this is where us starts to cherishing again the not-so-perfect life of ours and remind that sometimes our life is also not that bad. at least we can still see the beauty of itself. and every lowest point that we had thru before wasn’t forever. they came and they had a time to leave. the painful times that we had wasn’t exist for no reason. they’ll sure teach us something for us to be better and get better.

i know that every people has their own special month and its not always ‘April’, and i believe in their special/personal month, they will bloom too. people always have their own time to bloom. we can’t choose it for them, yet they can choose it for their own self. whenever the time you want yourself to feel better and get better, i hope you find the right time to bloom. just slowly, don’t have to rush yourself for that.. life isn’t competition, you own your right time. the universe will let you get your own time to bloom.

i hope to whoever read this, hope you slowly can found the beauty in your own life. i hope you can cherish more every single tiny things that you owned. i hope now you can embrace the past tragedy and the flaws in you. i hope you can find out more how to love yourself because theres a lot things inside you that deserves to get an appreciate especially for your own body. i hope you start to treasure simply matter things around yr life. i hope this time you get healer that before and being re-born with the new version of yourself. 🌟

in April, not only flowers that blooming, but you too!



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