a year and a half.

ailsya avriel
3 min readDec 20, 2023

to my personal creature, hey.. it’s me again.


I forgot how it’s been a long time since I wrote about us and also you. So here I am. The urge to write about our love suddenly appeared again. I knew that our love was really had a time of twist and turns these past few months. We had fights and then we both learned n getting better together from it. There are so many times when we had arguments, boring days, but we’ve finally worked it out until this day.

Somehow, so much things inside and I really want to pour it down here, but often lose the urge to do it. Then suddenly comes a moment that catch me off guard. The moment when I realised how I truly miss writing something that taught me what truly love is. I miss the idea of writing my own love story. By those times we had until now, I never been this grateful for having you as my favorite person. Eventho I can’t lie that there are hundred times when I really wanted to just gave up for everything. No matter how hard the days that we thru, this heart seems recognized that a place like home is you.

When it came to the arguments, I hate myself to think how scary it is.. that the fear of losing you is one of the worst nightmare. Though, we just knew there are still many parts each of us that we haven’t know each other. A year and half wasn’t an enough time to know each other well. We noticed how many kind of differences between us and it often ended up to sum misunderstoods. Despite those all, I’m so glad the fact that we could thru and made it together. The hard days that we thru seems so easy and less depressing because you’re the one who reassured me how we both can make it until the end.

Since our first year, I found new parts in you that I never found before and so do you. You’re the one who saw me in so many kind of phases that I’ve had through along this year. You’ve seen me growing as a person I am today. You kept reassured me when I even can’t reassure my own self. You reminded me that our love will always be the same, even when it’s dull, you always said ‘it’s just a phase’. Our love is growing. Our love is great, my love.

I’m sorry the fact that recently I was so rare to write about us, but honey it doesn’t mean that my love for you are less than before. Sometimes theres a moment when I only want to enjoy and keep it for myself. Yet today, I wanna cherish our special day by writing this. I wanna tell you that my love will always stay the same. I’ll cherish you in every moments that we shared. You defined me what home is, I’m so glad that it’s you.

Thank you for making me feel loved the way like I deserved. Thank you for supporting and believing me in every single thing that I did. Thank you for being still the best partner for me to share anything until this moment. I know you know you’re the comfiest place for me to talk about anything.

Loving you was such a thing that I shouldn’t think about. Loving you was such a thing that I shouldn’t scared about. Loving you was came naturally because I don’t need to convince myself to love the part of you. Loving you was such a quiet outside but loud inside.

Let’s celebrate this special day. Rooting for moments to sing our love anthems. To more ups and downs. To more exciting and dull phases. To more build up our wishlists together. To more warm hugs and sweet memories, my dear.

I’d choose you; in hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you and choose you.

selamat tanggal 20, my sweet charm.



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