April; a season of bliss, new chapter n sweetness.

ailsya avriel
3 min readApr 8, 2023
  • a season of bliss;

from January to December- my kind of month will always be April. and from any kind of seasons that exist, i adore spring a lot. not only because April is my birth month, but i bet April would be a season of bliss for me n for those who believe it so. theres many thing that i cherish from this month. my inner self seems like they got their sparks to do something again. to write my thoughts, to transfer my pain into poems, to drink more coffee, to listen my fav anthems and to enjoy my lonetime.

all my dreams, they are gentle

all my ideas, they are sharp

and all my love, they are burst

i decided to just focus on myself and my own happiness. after all this time i keep thinking other’s, this month i just wanna live less of worries. how could you make other people happy when you can’t do it to yourself?

March was a rollercoaster ride for all of us. i came back to the phase when i lose myself again. i was being sensitive and exaggerating small things. until at the end of March after so long i took figured out over what i did n realised it would affect someone to leave me. i’ve been busy focusing on other people when i should’ve prioritize myself. but now, it’s time to get my timing too. i wanna make myself happy too.

when figuring things out, i thought that worrying abt something either what happened in the past or what will happend in the future is too waste for us who live in the present. sometimes we’re too busy wasting time to overworry over things that actually won’t happend and we didn’t realize it.

life will seems going well when we idgaf towards everything. i was ever at that time tho. but, March was harsh to us a lot isn’t it? i know that for some of you March might was a blessing. this is for those of you who’ve been struggling these past few weeks.

“i might never know who you are and how deep the grief that you keep alone all this time, but remember that it won’t last forever. perhaps, you never thought how you can through it all, but at the end you will.”

so when April comes, i hope it will welcome the new part of you. i hope April can bring you to the wide bridge of blessings. after so many thunders and storms you’ve passed before, i hope now you can breath and learn to live the present.

  • new chapter n sweetness;

i hope April can be a new chapter for all of us. learn to try new things you’ve never tried before, spend time with your favorite person.. any simple things like that are eventually matter.

i decided to make a new chapter of my own life. i try to forgive myself and tryin to more embrace what alr happened back then. somehow, learn to more anticipate with any scratch that would come is important too. we might never know it would hurt us soon, but for me to anticipate any scratch is to be better.

April is a chance for us to embrace all the shitness of life. manifest that our April can changes all of those shits into more sweetness and warmest thing to us. from all the cruel happenings that came to our life, let’s be happy not for other but for ourselves. let it be the flowers inside you bloom and shine the way it is.

no matter how harsh something has happened to you, i believe it exist to shape who you become someday. honey, you’ll bloom this time.



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