ailsya avriel
1 min readApr 15, 2023


April is our month.

i write this on the first day of April
when the sky is blue, the air is warm and windless
now, the idea of me to write always so nice
the dreams that i have are gentle
and my heart always filled with your name..

between the rainy and summer days
from many kind of storms that we passed
i saw the misery in yours and you saw mine
last month we had a rollercoaster ride
but honey, we nailed it..

April welcoming us..
with the shades of joy, flowers, and tenderness
we will bloom..
with the better us
like a light petals of red-rose
we will bloom..

now, let's just celebrate our kind of month happily with less of worries
cause i wanna make it with you..
let's growing up together
romanticize every moment that we make..
and i will say "i love you" again

this month is ours
where the sweetness and warmest thing will slowly built again..
in the midst of spring
our love will always breathing in April



ailsya avriel

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