au revoir, avril.

ailsya avriel
2 min readApr 30, 2024

In the end of the blissful season

Cherishing all the kinds of colors that ever created us

Wrapping up this blooming season with a warm of embraceable things

This is where the universe starts to be a falling poem, so pure yet magical..

All the flowers are bloom and scented cause they’re ready to be picked up

All the books are seem throwing a good fragrant of each sheet of the paper and ready to be read

All the poems are tenderly sweet like a strawberry jam that you ate when you were still a kid

Between the flowers that bloom and the falling leaves

Let’s close up this warmthful journey of the month

With sweet words, warm hugs, and kisses

All those miserable days will blown away as the breeze slowly touching down the skin

Bring into a couple of new days that willing us to reminiscence our youth

Don’t ever close your book before it finished..

Don’t ever read a book before you have any chance to..

Don’t ever stop write before your body leaves you..

But, let’s tryna enjoy the new season with a packed of relieves

Let’s make the warmest farewell for April

Whispering hope it’ll welcome us again next year..

Closing the book of this sublime season, while our journey will keep remaining and continue..

It was wonderful to met you again, my precious month..

Au revoir, Avril



ailsya avriel

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