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3 min readDec 21, 2022


every people in this cruel world are struggle.


When i go for a walk alone, to the crowd places with human bustle. Yk, it’s very calming. When i can quietly stare at many types of people that passing by with their own purpose. With their mindness that we never know how complicated they are. And how heavy the burdens that they might carry.

Those daily thoughts that often appear and makes me wondering whether their burdens are heavier than mine? Are their thoughts as complicated as mine? And whether their life problems are harder than mine? Although, we won’t know how heavy, how complicated, and how tough the burdens that they carry on inside.

All we know are just they seems living their life so well. That’s it.

I sat at the mini-market nearly the station while waiting for my train to come. Romanticized the moment when i saw many kind of people walking by thru this place. Those people who’s in hurry to catch the train, those are who’s just got off from the train with their kind of expressions that hard to decipher, and those who’s waiting for their train to arrive like me.

I genuinely love to sit and do people-watching. It’s rly entertaining. I just can’t help but look when people come by. Just have a sit while looking at different types of people walk by, talk, take pictures, laugh, or even fights. Observing and wondering what’s going on through their head, are they okay? Are they enjoy their lone-time or even what kind of songs they’re listen thru their earphones.

Until i saw an old man who’s picking up sum plastic and other stuff from the bin infront of me. He went around almost all of the trash bin at the station and pick them up in a trash bag he carried. Makes me take few moments to pensive.. that everyone’s go through their activities trying to survive. They exactly do everything as possible as they can just to survive at least for themselves. Just figure out that many of us living a life that full of sufferings.

The thing is.. people are struggle most everyday. With their own way to stay alive. They might seems fine without us ever knowing what they’re thinking of or even what the burdens they prolly carry. There’s a reason why we should’ve not compare our sufferings to others, cus we never know how actually they feel inside. We’d never know how struggle they are behind.

Imo, comparing is basically just a toxic way of how people try to get other sympathy when actually what they said are something offensive. We don’t belong to comparing our personal issues with others. It’d be much better if we’re just keep living our own life peacefully and accept the fact that everyone’s are struggle. Nearly everyday, like us.

Instead of comparing it’s way better to cheer them up no matter what. I ever read a short yet meaningful statement from my favorite author. Which is like ‘Don’t forget to be happy today’ and it touched me. How that short-simply words could knock my heart because the meaning itself. It sounds cheesy (i know) for some people, otherwise it could be means a lot for somebody who’ve been desperately tried to find anything that can validate them that living a ‘not okay’ life is totally okay at all.

When everything seems not in the right wheel, just take a sit, rest off your mind, and take your deepest breath. It’ll pass. It could be tomorrow, next week, or someday. When you think yr life doesn’t make you seems alive, then romanticized it. You’re surrounded by lovely things to romanticized that your life isn’t that terrible. Or maybe, you just don’t realize it yet.

You’re the one who’s own responsibilities of your life. Your own life is yours. Don’t let any others who didn’t allowed to take control.

When you have to face a day that feels desperate for you, know that it won’t stay forever. It’ll pass in couple of times. I believe it’s worth to be wait. It’ll worth the time. And i hope once in a while you still be able to feel grateful for your life or at least for what you have at the moment.

It’s not a bad life, it’s just a bad day.



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