ailsya avriel
1 min readFeb 20, 2024


Here, there, and everywhere.



I’ll rewrite your name in my personal book

Spelling out each of the letters of your name that alive in every veins of mine

Then, I’ll see you smiling while capture me who’s hold a book

Nearest of our small lovely garden, you captured me in your own way

Then, we’ll both hear a tiny beautiful voice come up from inside our sweet nest called ‘home’

A small version of me in her pinkish flowy dress running to you

Our tiny flower laughing into us

I am home..


You’ll see me laughing in every old jokes that you try to throw into me since back then

You listened to our own tiny flower the way like how you listened to me

You clinging your hands thru her long prettiest hair

Is this even real?

And everywhere..

I’ll write the stories of our tiny flower

And I’ll write the stories of our own sweet nest that surrounds with my favorite fleurs

To more 20 years from now..

With 20 times celebrating our 20th of June

In 20 years of how long I’ve been with you..



ailsya avriel

sometimes i write for people, sometimes i write for myself. reach me on ig @ailsyaavriel ^^