How I met La La Land and how it impacted to my whole life.

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5 min readMay 6, 2024
La La Land (2016)

It’s my first time to introduced my personal movie on Medium. Back then when I was a kid, I watched many kinds of movies. But, as long as I get teenager and older, turns out the genre that most personal to me was romance. A certified hopeless romantic or aren’t we all? Those times when I watched many films with many genres, but I found none of them that really into me. Until then, it was casual day when I was on my junior high school (forgot whether it was 7th or my 8th grade) without any intention I bought La La Land’s dvd and I watched it on my tv at home.

Then, oh my Goodness..

Along as the movie was playing.. I pulled by those incredible scenes from the movie itself. I loved musical movies but this one totally wasn’t only musical movie like everyone seen but it is a magical masterpiece. I’ve never been obssessed with any other movie, but La La Land really made me so. Also, never I cherished any soundtracks except from this movie. Every each of the songs seems liven up every each of the scenes inside of it. My brain even didn’t get it why it sounds veryyy magical along with the scenes. Thus, I adored hows both Damien Chazelle and Justin Hurwitz made it perfect. It’s not about a good director collabs with a good composer but how both can merge the real performance of arts.

Those are very-very fascinating for me. Especially, how they made the soundtrack in every scenes… OH GOD! The album has been my top album so far. How often I am just to listened to Justin Hurwitz’s masterpiece and never get bored of it. He was one of my Top Artist on my spotify lol. Imo, the soundtracks are very timeless. I love it. Really compatible with the film! You’ll get along with the song and also the scenes~ My favorite are “Mia and Sebastian’s Theme” and “Engagement Party”. Those songs really personal to me. I tried to practicing “Engagement Party” with my keyboard. But, not the entire of the song, only the intro part lmao.

I remember how I was really into La La Land especially the soundtracks. When I was on my last grade in junior high school, there was practical exam from arts and culture subject and we should sang any song that we choose. That moment I really addicted to one of the soundtrack “Auditions (The Fools Who Dream)” and suddenly I wanted to sing that song for my practical exam. That song really inspired me a lot. It given the biggest impact to my whole life. That song was my personal favorite from this movie tho, I loved the scene when Mia Dolan sang it with teary eyes and passionately on the movie. But, realizing that time I was kinda shame to sing it infront of my classmates. So, I changed the song into “City Of Stars”.

The memory of that time still vividly remains in my heart. How I used the instrumental audio to be the backsound. I sang it infront of my classmates with a nervous feeling and my voice quiet cracked but I finished it until the end of the song. I smiled at the end of my performance and they clapped. Ugh, it was too remarkable for me. That time I was proud of myself because thankfully I chose that song for my performance that time. I wanted to show other people that this greatest soundtrack exist. Even until now, I still remember every details of the lyrics.

I’ve never been felt connected and being impacted toward a film except this one. Like, every iconic lines, iconic soundtracks, iconic scenes that taken in memorable places, emotions that successfully made up all too well from the scenes, the color theory, the wardrobes and any other details that even when I rewatched it again, it still blown my mind again and again. Beside that, I wanted to say thank you to our greates duo; Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. They really made such a good work together. How they both got this role here made it even wonderful. Love their strong chemistry and how it went perfect with the movie.

Realize or not everytime you try to rewatch any films, you’ll noticed another new details of it, isn’t it? Yes, definitely me whenever I rewatched this masterpiece. I’ve always found any new details that I’ve never found in previous time when I watched it. The more you try to break-down, the more details come-up that you’ll noticed. The color theory was one of detail that I didn’t recognized how it actually very complex from La La Land. I watched a yt video when someone talked about the color theory of this film. Why the background was so green or even purple, then why Mia wearing different color of her dress that turns out have an actual meaning of each the color. Or why Sebs often wearing red? or why several scenes try to showed up his outfit that black & white. Whoa, it’s too complex, but thats part of the fun thing of this movie!

About the ending.. it was bawling my eyes a lot when the first time I watched this movie. Like.. why it supposed to ended like that?! But I thought after all, that what’s make it memorable to us. Theres no real happy ending except disney movies. The fact that Mia and Sebs didn’t end up together, but they successfully chased their own dreams in the end. Mia with her successful life career as an actress and Sebs finally made his own jazz club. Although they live in different and separate paths, they met each other with a smile.

So, maybe if youre reading this, this is your sign to watch La La Land for atleast once in a lifetime!

“Here’s to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem. Here’s to the hearts that ache; here’s to the mess we make.” -Mia Dolan from La La Land



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