i craved for you when the morning comes.

ailsya avriel
2 min readOct 6, 2023



theres a time when i only stare at the ceiling..
in the midst of the night
haunted by bunch of noise inside my head
covered by interfering thoughts
they’re too loud but you won’t hear them
if only i could bang my head to the wall
as if it’s the best relieve that i’d get

then your name appears immediately..
the way how it repeated inside my head like an anthem
it always gets me lots of sparks just to hear your name
the love that i always craved for
the warmth that i always craved for
the tenderness that i always craved for
it’s always been yours..

every letter of your name..
that my mind repeatedly callout as the morning slowly comes
you’re the one that hard to refused from this damn mind
i let you came in then burst inside my head
it’s buzzing but why did i got comfort by this?
the buzzing that made me asleep
you’re the one that i crave for when the morning comes..

from thousand of mornings i’ve spend in my life..
the morning that always been thrilling and perpetual in my heart..
was when i woke up and realized that you’re the sense in every each words of my poems
and i’d dare to choose you in hundred lifetimes
to cherish you with all of your scratches and transcendency
i craved for you when the morning comes..



ailsya avriel

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