the sky is beautiful, isn’t it?

ailsya avriel
2 min readMar 9, 2023

when the sun breeze blows right thru your skin, it’s good just to have a sit on a park bench. when you just take a look to the skies and other things above. sitting with our heavy mind, shoulders, and heart. i ever heard from the movie i’ve watched (forgot what’s the title)

“when you look at the sky, you’ll forget everything. the burdens, pain, and memories. the only thing that you have is the sky.”

it sounds like that. and it’s true. when you look at the sky, you’ll forget everything you have back then. because you only have the sky that you stare. so this day i try to look at the bright n blue sky that fill with lovely clouds. the sky’s so beautiful because today is sunny day.

i do nothing but staring at the clouds and the peace that i got by doing it. i shed a tear, eventually. don’t know why. i let them out everything that been hanging around on my shoulders. it end up so peaceful. at least i could forget for a moment those burdens, thoughts, pain, and everything that makes me hate this life even more sometimes.

i don’t know why facing this reality seems hard for me lately. i lack of everything. i comeback to the step when i lose myself again. night terrors, bad thoughts, worries, those alr killing me more than hundred times. errday.

when the demons start to come, i always wonder whether i will win this time or whether i will lose by them again. i kept lose everytime i fought with my thoughts. it frustated me tho. i think it’s a human nature things. when you feel your life is high, you’ll forget that life can also push you down.

our yesterday’s life might filled with joy, then when tomorrow comes it can be sucks more than a prison.

there are million chances for me to win the game, but i always chose to gave up. so, this time i hope i won’t do the same thing. wondering, aren’t this life or this world that hard for us to face?



ailsya avriel

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