when you play that sentimental song of mine.

ailsya avriel
1 min readAug 17, 2023
Hiroshima Mon Amour (1959)

it’s always your gaze whenever i play the song that i named it as ‘our anthem’.

unforgettable gaze that only my eyes could recapt.

the sparks in your eyes that i’d never found in somebody else.

then a smile appeared on your face when i said “our song!”.

a-never-skipped track for us to sing along or just humming together.

every trace of the moment when you sang it ridiculously that made me laughed, those i’ll treasure forever in my heart.

ever since that, it took me to felt sentimental just by heared the song somewhere alone without you.

someone’s would asked me why..

“because he’s such a personal part of mine.” probably my answer.

cus everytime it played, i’d deadly crumbled.

crumbled by ephemerals memory that recaptured in my mind.

so when the day comes, with you play that song around, i won’t be sentimental over it again.

cus you’re simply just being here with me to sing along over the song until this day i wrote another poem of us.

cus you’re simply still being the old you with your warmest poems.

cus you’re just simply my personal creature.



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