would u spend ur forever with me for another cup of coffee?

ailsya avriel
2 min readJan 8, 2024

There’ll be another day that well spent..
Another month that dull yet enough to reflect..
Another year that harsh to through but enough to teach us a lesson..
I’ll ask you again somewhat, that maybe we could hang around just for a cup of coffee
Then, you’ll answering without hesitance..
Sure that we’ll walk hand in hand beside that road again..

Walking by thru our favorite place
Where we shared everything and anything to talk about
When being bare over each other thoughts allowed us to reflect the flawed
When being a mirror towards each other are enough to understand more both of our feelings

My beloved, I’m rooting for us..
I’m undoubtly rooting for all good things n shortcomings for us ahead
I’m rooting for another 20th of June that well spent
I’m rooting for any precious moments that we’ll create together
I’m rooting for more exciting convos between us
I’m rooting for more cups of coffee that will company us in each of our conversation

This time, I’m asking you once again my dear..
Would you root for those upcoming simply moments that actually matters?
Would you root for another short walks, finish our film watchlist n switch our favorite tracks again?
Would you spend your forever with me for another cup of coffee, my love?



ailsya avriel

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